Maximum Respect to the following groups

  • Aggression
  • Aura
  • Avena
  • Checkpoint
  • The Carebears
  • Cream
  • DBug
  • Dead Hackers Society
  • Delta Force
  • Dune
  • Electronic Images
  • EKO
  • Escape
  • Evolution
  • The Exceptions
  • Holocaust
  • Inter
  • Lazer
  • LineOut
  • LouD!
  • The Lost Boys
  • MJJ Prod
  • Mystic Bytes
  • Nature
  • New Beat
  • NeXT
  • ORB
  • Overlanders
  • Oxygene
  • Paradox
  • The PHF
  • Psychonomix
  • Reservoir Gods
  • Satantronic
  • Sector One
  • Stax
  • Synergy
  • Therapy
  • The PHF
  • TNB
  • Toys
  • .tSCc.
  • ULM
  • YesCREW
  • YMRockerz




Many thanks to
Ultra of ORB who tought
us so many things about
c2p, optimisations,
offset-tables and for
being a friend.

Also to Llama, Scy and
Dynacore of .tSCc., for
their help regarding
TurboAsm, c2p and many
other fundamentals of
Many thanks to
Evil of DHS for
donating the
demo-engine and
for all his help
when we started to
write assembly code.

Also thanks to Deez
of Evolution, Kalms
of TBL and Tat of Avena
who always helped when
our code didn't work.
Many thanks to
No of Escape, 505 and
Defjam of Checkpoint,
Grazey and ggn of The
PHF, Mike of Stax, Tao
of Cream and Grey of MSB
for being nice fellows.
Many thans to
Michael Ruge for all
his hardware support,
David Encill for the
cooperation in 1997,
Axel Gehringer, Joe
Connor, Denesh Bhabuta
and Mike Kerslake.