Misplaced pixels in 16 Colours
The Paranoid started as a graphician for Atari ST games initially for Solution Software. Later on, he focussed on graphics for demos and provided a few pictures for graphic competitions on various parties.
Below you can find a selection of the pictures done during that time, each features only 16 colours out of 512, is 320 x 200 pixels in size and has been painted in DEGAS Elite (with one exception).
DC VMU - Done for Fun in roughly 1 hour
The Visual Memory Unit (VMU) for the Dreamcast is a fascinating little device: Primarily intended to store game stats it is a complete pocket game system that Paranoia even wrote a little intro for in 2003.
The graphic in the miniscreen is in original resolution (48x32 1bit), the VMU itself uses just 8 colours.
Soulful - Scored 3rd place at the EIL #2
An attempt to do a similar picture as Lario Bros. (see below), this has been done in a hurry while Rock Solid has been developed.
Xmas 2000 - Done for the Christmas Intro 2000.
Intended as intro-picture for the Christmas Intro, this has been inspired by an advertisement campaign of a well-known tobacco brand.
Taste the Waste! - Scored 2nd place at the UC 2000.
Again, a well known tobacco brand advertisement has been the basis of this picture that tries to combine two totally contradicting characters.
Same stEIL Scored 1st place at the SV2000.
This is the only Falcon Hi-Colour picture done in No's Escape-Paint.
Mainly done to enter something into the graphics competition for the SillyVenture party organized by Grey of Mystic Bytes.
Evolution ? - Lario Bros. - Scored 2nd place at the PMP.
An experimental picture trying to use ordered dither as far as possible and was mainly finished on the PMP party itself.
Lunatic Asylum
Scored 3rd place at the EIL'99.
The cover of a Rave album was the basis for this picture, which took a long time and had major parts being redrawn a couple of times because of palette optimisations.
4 Colours
Done for the DHS 4 Colours compo in 1999.
The competition this picture was made for only allowed 160 x 100 pixels and 4 colours - which is good enough for a cartoon inspired scene like this. The scene is more or less taken from an album named "The Stormtroopers" by Bonvicini.
Used as a title-picture in the game.
The first Paranoia-logo.
As usual, done in a hurry for the ongoing projects just after Paranoia has been formed. The logo has not been used very often, but the razor blade persisted.
Done for Solution Software's ESLA League Manager III.
Used on special occassions, the greenish fields on top and bottom are used to display text regarding this special occassion.
Done for Solution Software's ESLA League Manager III.
The designer of this game had very precise thoughts about how the title screen should look like so this way taken from a Soccer magazine.
The final Solution Software logo.
Actually, this is third incarnation of the logo and was only used in the game Nightfall.